Decoratelier is asked to build a gym in between the social housing blocks on the Papenvest in Brussels.

But a gym for who? And where exactly? Is the fitness equipment which the city installed next to block 12 even being used? Which bodies is it made for?

Camille Thiry of Decoratelier takes place in between the buildings every week, with an empty notebook and a handful of questions. In collaboration with the inhabitants, a gym is built without a centre, without a target group, average length or muscle mass. A gym that consists of 17 movement spaces, made for and by specific bodies with specific needs, dreams and aches.

This eponymous publication highlights the trajectories and spaces of 17 mouvements. It embodies a succession of negotiations that took place between January and November 2022.

A publication by Decoratelier with text by Camille Thiry.

Editing by Jozef Wouters.

Graphic design and photography by Enzo Smits.

17 mouvements was realised by the city of Brussels in the framework of Nuit Blanch Lab, with the support of Bruss-it (Flemish community commission). With the help of Habitat et Rénovation - Pcs Rempart des Moines/Papenvest, Bravvo, Promo-Jeunes, JES en le Logement Bruxellois

100 pages, 14 x 21,5 cm, perfect binding

language: french

ISBN: 978-2-9603207-0-1

Prix: €13